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27 Jan Jinjinjin CNY Recharge Promo
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-Jinjinjin CNY Recharge Promo- Game : JinjinjinRegions: MY Date : 1 Feb 2022, 0000 (GMT+8) to 7 Feb 2022, 2359 (GMT+8) Mechanics: • Players need to recharge with Razer Gold Wallet or Razer Gold Pin and they will be able to get up to 18% additional in-game credits   Buy Razer Gold from hereRazer Gold Pin-单笔储RM 500 ,金币加送 18 %-单笔储RM 300 ,金币加送 17 %-单笔储..
09 Sep Sausage Man Exclusive Promotion
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-Sausage Man Exclusive Promotion-  URL Link : Sausage Man Game : Sausage ManDate : 9 September 2021, 0300 (GMT)  –  23 September 2021 1559 (GMT)  Mechanics:Top spender will receive the Razer Barracuda X when they recharge on Candies with Razer Gold.Users who recharge a minimum of US$10 (or local currency equivalent) worth of Candies with Razer Gold..
20 Aug Bonus Razer Silver Exclusive Promotion
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-Bonus Razer Silver Exclusive Promotion- URL Link : Stand to score 200,000 Bonus Razer Silver & more when you purchase Riot Pins with Razer Gold. Game : VALORANT Date : 20 August 2021, 0300 (GMT/UTC) to 10 September 2021, 1559 (GMT/UTC) Top Spender Reward : • From 20 August 2021, 0300 (GMT/UTC) to 10 September 2021, 1559 (GMT/UTC), the top 5 spende..
18 Nov Aeria Games Points Top Up Guides
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1. Login to your Aeria Games account and go to the Buy AP page. Select E-Pin as shown below: 2. Enter the Aeria Games Points E-PIN Code and then click "Proceed" to top up...
18 Nov Score Razer Gear & Bonus Gold With Crunchyroll
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-New Launch and Promotion-  URL Link : Crunchyroll Promo Game : Crunchyroll Razer Gold Region :  US, CA, MX, BR, EU, HK, TW, MY, TH, TR, ID, IN, Others, MENA Date : 2 July, 0300 (GMT)  –  16 July, 1559 (GMT)  Mechanics: • Purchase a one-month subscription to Crunchyroll Premium with Razer Gold and like our Facebook page to stand a chance to score p..
18 Nov Score The Razer Kraken V3 X & More With HandyGames
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-HandyGames Giveaway is back- URL Link : HandyGames Giveaway Game : HandyGames Date : 1 July 2021, 0300 (GMT/UTC) to 15 July 2021, 1559 (GMT/UTC) Mechanics: • Stand to score the Razer Kraken V3 X and the Razer Orochi V2 or US$10 Bonus Razer Gold when you purchase any of the participating HandyGames titles with Razer Gold wallet and like our Faceboo..
18 Nov Razer Gold Riot Pins Exclusive Promotion
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-Razer Gold Riot Pins Exclusive Promotion-  URL Link : Riot Pins Exclusive Promotion Game : Valorant : Riot Pin Razer Gold Region :  SG, TH, MY Date : 16 July, 0300 (GMT/UTC) to  30 July 1559 (GMT/UTC)  Mechanics: Top Spender Reward (not applicable to PH)The top spender who purchases Riot Pins with Razer Gold during the promotion period will score ..
18 Nov Jin Jin Jin Casino Promotion
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-Jin Jin Jin Casino Promotion- URL Link : Razer Gold Pin or Razer Gold Wallet, single deposit with highest 15% bonus gold coins. Game : Jin Jin Jin Casino Date : 13 Aug 2021, 0000 (GMT+8) to 18 Aug 2021, 2359 (GMT+8) Event RuleEvent 1: Deposit regardless of amount get extra coins.Event 2: Deposit with specific amount can get Lotto TicketsRazer Gold..
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